Thursday, February 18, 2016

Going to go back for more~

The window at the Horse Stables and the arena. 

As stated yesterday, I'm treating myself to horseback riding lessons....what's funny is I'm hearing woman my age treating themselves to spa treatments and massages etc.  And I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum pushing the issue on my body...Oh baby I'm sore.  I've been on the back of horses main times but I've never learned the correct way to ride....I got the basics and that was to put the feet in the stirrups and how to steer  and get horse moving.   I'm glad I did yoga and walked too yesterday all body parts warmed up but still sore. Whom I fooling...?

I get to begin again at something...I want to learn this...I want to be around horses and its on my vision board to be on the back of horse I begin this journey this year.  I laughed so hard at myself when I got home last night sharing the my adventure with my husband,because this is where my dyslexia takes over.  This is where by the last lesson I'll final get it...I've made every mistake there is and want to give up but then stick it out to the end. So first off the way my legs need to hug the horse is all wrong and now I know why the outside of my leg by my knee would hurt...So we did a trot...and then the butt started bouncing around.  She then with a few circles had us try a mount and sit thing.  The instruction are to not come down hard with you behind and gentle touch and follow the rhythm of the horse...Ok..then I would hear Maggie say something about not having it slap on the saddle.  I looked around and tried my hardest to get that rhythm without slapping my big behind on the saddle...what a challenge while you hold your legs one way and sit in the bucket of the saddle and well I was all wonky with things.  

But I'm going back....I'm beginning again...

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  1. Laura, about 15 years ago, my son was taking riding lessons weekly after school, so I arranged private lessons for myself for several weeks. It was the most strenuous inner and outer thigh workout I've ever had. And I was never so sore as when the mare I rode decided she was done and bucked until I fell off (onto my elbow and hip). But the fun outweighed the fall by far!


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