Wednesday, February 17, 2016


So many times I roll around thoughts in my head about what I'm suppose to do and how I'm going to do and got to do a really good job at it too.  Just this morning a connection presented itself through someone else words.  "isn't it how it happens?"

When making a small but huge commitment to continue in the medium of Collage some 20 years ago I stood strong and told myself I was going to be the Best Collage Artist I could be...Not the best in the whole wide world...but the best I could be...Big job head of me for sure.  But that opened doors to learning and honoring a small gift of creating I'd been given.

There came a point where I settled in on a technique/process and then it was time to explore it...I had to let go of the Best and just trust the intuitive side and see where it would lead.  Their are loads of ideas that I would like to execute through the process I create address my personal liking not any one else.  It's shifted over to pleasing myself...Creating from something bigger in me.

Then I read this...from Dr. Kelly Flanagan Post   Make our life about more Beautiful not more Better.

Connection or not when I read this, this morning I thought about where I am as an artist and wanting to accept I'm a maker of things and an artist, with that all whole essence of the sense of beauty in all senses longs to be created.

Change of attitude and perspective come about by a change in thinking...and it's just a"Awe Factor" when that happens.

Tonight after dinner I get to take horseback riding lesson...I've signed up and the day has come...So excited...just that I've met an accomplishment for myself and to see it all the way through is awesome... I know it may be just suiting up and sit on the back of one of these four-legged creatures and walk around an arena but it's still so little adventures...saying thank you to Good Orderly Direction in my life..


  1. So many great thoughts in this post. I absolutely love the quote, "I was going to be the Best Collage Artist I could be...Not the best in the whole wide world...but the best I could be." That is a great way to think about things.

    Horseback riding sounds awesome! I'd like to try this too someday! :-)

  2. Oh I'm feeling it today....but going back for more next week.


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