Sunday, January 31, 2016

Where Time has been focused

Classes, Homestead chores, cooking, On-line classes, creating some art, being of service...and what esle?

So greatly thankful for how things are working out, About a year and a half ago I had activated on an idea or call it a dream to teach on line.  I had all the capability to do it.  Pain painstakingly I forge forward with great encouragement my husband, mentor and friends.  Tackling some big situation/ my own fear and disabilities,  I completed my first on line class.  And all of last year I weeded my way through a few more in preparation for this year.

Now they are in full swing, one by one will be explored with new groups of students.  It is consuming my life a bit but in a way that I never knew.  Being able to communicate with people from across the world and share art and creativeness together what can I say but Awesomely Amazing.

So I haven't been on my own task list up in the studio as much as I wanted..just one person.  And I have to let go of all the expectation I put upon myself and put in to practice what I have on my vision board...Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Allow it all to unfold. But in the mean time work at it in small steps.

I keep thinking about way back when I started really focusing in on all of this "Art stuff and making a Career" of it.  I was quickly telling myself, a long the way dreams do come true...You just keep showing up and do the work and well that is exactly how it's been.

My time has been placed in many places where I focused on last year to where I am this year. I'm just really overwhelmed some time with how it's all working out.  Not at all trying to be BiG,  more so trying to say small and be grateful and humble.

Could it be a bit of scattered brain syndrome?  No in our house it's called using your time wisely.  I have a class I'm teaching at Mayslake Peabody Estate and we are creating a collage first with the tacking method and then working in some assemblage inside the back side of the wood panels.  I find the 1 7/8 " one works great.  So I had to prepare for class tomorrow the collage with the watch is pretty well set but the small little objects are still in the state of flex.  I will touch up the color edges/lines a bit between the light and dark and then a sheet of glass goes over with turn buttons.  I say this often, I'm not a personal fan of the color purple or pink when picking a palette to work from but I'm pushing myself to embrace it more so that I can really see how to use it better in my works. So I was working on this yesterday. 

 And there's opportunity coming up for a Tall Grass exhibit called Earth...  I'm needing to put a bit of fire under my bottom to see if I can get this idea on to a surface so here are the photo's I took in Fall last year and I want to use to make more paper...yikes.

 And this weekend between cooking and the studio I'm collecting the members works to be taken down to an exhibit in Bourbania IL which I'm excited to do a road trip next Saturday for.

I even got some cabbage going for some homemade Sauerkraut on the counter starting it's fermenting session.  Hoping to have that in a couple of weeks.  Kind of cool to be a Maker of Things....and sure jumping from one thing to the other, Probably drive some people around me a bit crazy...but when you work like this for so many years with having little ones around...(now my are adults)  you get use to segments of time and going full steam head on every little step.

I'm over due for a  good walk in the woods..need my woods medicine and on to the day...Bless ya all. may the creative force be with you~


  1. Beautiful assemblage! My favorite piece is the pink telephone! :-)

    1. thanks Jenny some changes went on during class as soon as I complete it I'll post it.

  2. Laura,
    You inspire me. Good luck with the projects coming your way.


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