Tuesday, January 05, 2016

In process...Dream Catcher

I started with the four directions...in color and I couldn't help but challenge myself to see if I could put a blue ring in the middle...No feather yet or the ribbons hanging down...that might have to wait few days.  I'm off a bit with the way the webbing went...I thought about that and wished my sister was near by so have her show me what I did work.  Then another though came...so what let it be imperfect and have a bit of defect in character much like myself..and how wild it is that the defect keep showing up all the way through the weaving process as it should...But I'm checking it off as is, practicing that let it go.

Did I say I used my Christmas gift card from Michael's from my son and i have a bunch more hoops and ribbons to try it again.

Here some history about the Dream Catchers 

And a how to make a dream catcher

There's some really cool one on-line

OK off to be creative with Dinner...Tootles

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  1. Thanks for the links. I wanted to learn more about their history and meaning - click - there it was.
    Nothing feels like working with NATURAL materials and being HONEST with oneself. Inspirational!


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