Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year

Started off the year with some morning quiet, writing of morning pages and then to revisit the yoga mat...some two and half months ago I did...well I made it through my little dvd of beginners yoga and grateful for that.  Oh how I missed it.  What amazing things happen when you don't do what is good for self care and connecting with all that flows of good orderly direction and the spiritual breath...

I plan not to continually honoring the day with a quiet time of cutting and gluing and make a vision board...I listed my loves yesterday they carry on over in to gratitude and direction for the year. I've been collecting images, and words...I'm excited to see rises to the surface.

When the family wakes up I will see if they want to open the jar of all the folded pieces of paper.. I have such a sort memory that I'm excited to revisit what happen last year and start with a open jar. No one was home to do it with last night.

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