Thursday, January 07, 2016

Filling the Well

 It was around mid November we set this up or was it mind slips me. We asked the men folk in the home but the said Naaa.... not for us...but I think it's one of those shows/musicals that would speak to us all on some level.

 Your not to take pictures when the show starts so I got pictures of the drums, here to the left...

 And a blurry one to the right.  Kind of cool these guys had head sets and could communicate with each other.

We had to do it....get a group selfie....I always laugh when I see myself...looking surprised or like a deer in the headlights,lol.  Honestly when I go into the city, which is cool I can only take small amounts of this kind of stimulation..or I just kind of shut down...give me the woods...But anyways, all this stimulation was well worth it.  I sat in the back sit (mouth closed and soaked it all in) of the my youngest daughters car while the other daughter guided her in and to find a place to park.
Not sure how the other gals felt about this all but I'm still processing it but still stuck in Awesomeness.

An amazing artist....Julia Taymor    another video of Julia Taymor

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