Sunday, January 17, 2016

Book Board cut and Tea Bag Book Holders Done

Being productive this ways that fill a good soul...had to create another journal for myself which led to me babbling about it on Facebook. Then some one asked if I sell them?   Well I had tried on Etsy but not such luck... I had one posted here on my blog under the one pages up above and I told her that I would put out some that were in storage and posted them...well to my surprise I was running back and forth to the post office mailing a few to some new journaler's

so with that I'm getting prepared in small ways as of cutting up more book board and coating them with polymer.

Got to now coat the other side as this side is dry now...  Then with my book club which we will be meeting this week...we are finishing up the book, Living Wabi Sabi and there's some great worldly wisdom and Grandmother O'baa San share over tea ceremonies. So I came up with the idea that we share our favorite with our members and bring in a bag for each.  So the week is here and the idea is great but then I thought how are we going to gather these.  

Nothing special...just envelopes, long ones and the flap tore off and then folded outside in so you can get to the pocket. Then a little stitching and there you go...a labor of love... One of a spontaneous moment I ran with.   And I don't drink a lot of teas though I enjoy it greatly so I just keep it simple with Green Tea...can't wait to see what everyone else brings. 

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