Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Walk in the Woods and Gongs

A full day of many things to be tackled...all good things but a feeling of to much business and not a good balance of natural I headed out for the trail.  I can't say how welcoming it is when I start off on the path and take a deep breath to connect to what is around me.  I'm instantly brought to the present, now and feeling alive.

Though the path was a bit slippery with the frozen ice and snow from weeks past it was still worth it. I saw just a glimpse of another sole woods walking woman out there I see often.   We don't communicate a whole lot but the words we exchange with we connect to the purpose of why we come out there.

I had not been feeling myself prior to the walk...a bit migrainy and thought a bit dehydrated so drank lost of water and still must have been something in the change of climate...oh who knows could have been my own body and hormonal changes that continue to change no matter what age we are...Heck the hormones in our body run our bodies.

Any ways it was a good walk and so grateful I can take the time out to reconnect and refresh the natural balance. I was able to see my friend Coyote and a four some of Doe's and young ones.  By evening I was feeling better and went to bed earlier then normal...All is good and grateful.


I'm so glad I went to bed early and now I'm feeling much better then yesterday...not sure what that was about...but on to a new day.  Yoga this morning, my class to learn about the Potawatomi people, and then to my book club and I'm some studio time and to a Healing Gong Session tonight at the Well in LaGrange...Why? because I want to experience new things and this offered so close and a few friends are going too... Not sure what it will be like but I know after a drumming session there is truly my body.  All in line with my Word for the Year I feel.  Which is Spirituality, staying open to it that's all.

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