Thursday, December 24, 2015

Reflecting and looking into creative direction

"Believing people can soar beyond ordinary life."
-- Fools Crow, LAKOTA
We are created by God to be vision people. First we set the goal and then we see. If we create within ourselves a picture or vision and we hold that picture or vision in our mind, whatever we picture will show up in our reality. If we can see ourselves being educated, then schools and teachers will show up in our lives. If we picture in our mind a positive, spiritual person to be in our lives, we will attract this type of person in our relationships. How big can our dreams be?
Great Spirit, let my visions today be Your vision. Put within me a vision of the being you would have me be. Then help me to keep the vision in my mind. 

So above is a daily morning meditation I received from White Bison 

I've been guided to look into Vision Boards...I think because of all the magazine quickies I do with the Artist Way books and because it's going to be a new year soon and all the reflecting on the old year and the new one as of directions and changes one might want to change or what one would like to invite into their lives. 

I've also been working with Enneagrams which is so wild...and I'm a number 4... We are personal types that like to go deeper into trying to understand why we feel and think the way we do...We enjoy it and yes it's become all about me.  

So now back to vision boards.....I'm on the hunt for magazine all kinds...the idea has been circling alike some wagon in my head around and around...either I've got to do one soon or create a workshop about them..

Well it's proven that by drawing attention to what you would like to have in our live you actually begin to be open to it and people around you. 

I'm a rock picker as of everyone morning I pick a rock with affirmations on I pick Plant a Seed. And then I shake a bit coffee cup with puzzle pieces in it and let me finger pick a piece and today that piece was a saying that said, Live and Let Live which is so fitting for being around people...acceptance of what is and make sure I live a good day today..

I journal Write every morning with reading meditations....and then I walk on most mornings.  A whole lot of self care.  

I had a awakening with a little chat.....I'm always trying to reach a point of peace, balance and serenity.  And my one smart shares...Mom did you know that self actualize is impossible to achieve. I'm going What's that all about?  More things to learn.... From my search...on Self Actualization     I feed on this stuff...and keep filling my brain with it...but best go and take my walk and begin living....Cuz that's so important to...being Real. 

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