Friday, December 18, 2015


 Received my little gifts for giving to others in time.  So happy.  The one Rock at the top says You are true that is..."You are beautiful"

Over the weekend...the husband got into somethings that have been piling up on him...His dad use to save the bicentennial Quarters. So any time someone found one in the hand of change they gave it to him and when he got change he would gather it up and put it in his jar.  Well family gene's or what?  The Husband was at the table picking through all his State Quarters he's been saving. Took him about  3 hours to go though them...because eyes are that good and lots of looking going on he got his garage googles on with the special light and a magnifying lens.  We all chuckled when we came in the house and seen him looking like this.  Family Paparazzi

and for some reason not that I'm feeling I can get myself to move forward I thought this was good one to read this morning...I think of some days when I go to the studio and I'm all dressed up...Yes I'm wearing a long skirt and just feeling womanly...And when you show up something matter how you feel...right?

OK off to tend to a bit more Holiday shopping. 

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