Friday, December 11, 2015

Locked myself in the Studio

 Started with a horizontal line and three piece of coated collage paper.

 Not quite a Vertical but the strongest gesture is Vertical with the large dark blue area. This was the first piece I laid down and went from there with again using only the three piece of paper left over from the one above.

All warmed up and read to tackle a larger surface this on line class sample was created on a 12 x 12 piece of 140 lb. watercolor paper. Using only magazine that I've altered by sanding in some way. 

Trying hard to tackle a tasks list I made for myself. The job this month between holiday scrambles, is to get a fourth on line collage class going.  I've shot all my video's and now it's the writing of the lesson plans.  More creative time behind the computer.  Funny how things artist friend of mine shared another artist's introduction for class on line and I have to admit.....the ego jumped in there and was messing with my head.  Then I remember some things I hear from Big Magic Audio with Elizabeth Gilbert, that despite seeing what other's do....we can't let that stop us from what we're guided to do.   Not dissing myself at all, it may not be looking all that fancy...this gal doesn't have a backing of "people" running the show. Not sure that I would want to either.  But I do have a small group of people, my family, who support me in their best ways. So I continue down my own personal  path of all the stuff I'm suppose to learn. Which half the time I don't know what I'm doing...the place of uncertainty is a familiar space these days. 

 Creatively doing this stuff like this with limits, or shall I say with in my limits is kind of exciting. It comes from the heart...and not the head where perfectionism seems to destroy any creative forward notion.  All my life I've had people correct and critic me on some academic level. I truly understand and they mean well but if I let it stop me...well I don't know and don't want to know what would happen if I wasn't stumbling, bumbling with missed steps here and there.    Rambling here forgive me...a moment of understanding.  

I had to walk in the morning before I locked myself in the studio to continue on with this task but I had such a great walk.   I picked out of my rock bowl, tiny treasures and out of my slogan cup, it's not odd it's God...and off I went with a funky emotion state of being.  Knowing I would meet up with a woods friend I still wasn't sure of myself.  But once I got walking, moving those feet forward, I let the tiny treasured words settle in. What does that mean to me these words? Observe the tiny treasures all around you and to stay grounded, I thought about myself being a tiny treasure on this Great Planet Earth.  Right after that thought popped in I was instantly put in my place, grounded to a small part of a bigger whole.  Could that be what the rock was sharing with me?  Gaining a new perspective? 

I met up with my friend and we walked and talked....I tried very had to give that gift of listening and then out of the blue she ask me if I would like to see this other spot she goes jumped in the car and followed her over.  I was instantly brought back to my youth when I would go to my grandfathers farm and walk in the grove of white pine in the center of the pasture.  Little and walking among the cows....dare I say I felt so grounded and in my place...a deeper connection the cow so gentle I honestly did sense any fear or danger.  Our senses were all in touch with what was in front of us. The wind bending the tops of the tall pines, the smells so strong, I shared, my thoughts of  see a labyrinth in the center of this special place.   I'm so in awe how things happen and change my attitude.  I thanked her and was on my way. A gift she is herself.  

Had a late breakfast and locked myself up in the studio created these three example  for the on line class. 

Now today I'll be taking a run to another artist's home is selling her house and decided not to her art...sad but she's passing on her stuff to me...I'm in awe about this gift...I will have to share back for sure. 

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