Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Keeping it moving forward

So funny how things work out and play out.  The holiday and world information is there and not that I choose to see it's realness I choose to take action where I can.  And that is by keeping what life I have moving forward for the good and being ready for the next right thing to do. The cup is half full Attitude.

Morning pages disconnects me from things of yesterday and opens the door for today where there can be change that I'm present to and apart of.  Then physically walking is a step at a time forward and it bring a natural flow to my life that calms, quiets and allow me to listen better to a Great Spirit in my life.

Been blessed with this process for many year...not stopping now...keeping it all moving forward off to the woods to fill my mind, body and spirit. Walking in the woods = de-stressing...all for that kind of Medicine. 

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