Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Can an adult Run-Away?

I see this behavior in my own children. Well most of them...I've got one that will stand up to a giant but most of the time when things are uncomfortable they will take flight and leave the situation, not run away like scared but rather then get into a situation the will walk away from it or leave the room. 

 So Yesterday I ran away but knew I would be visiting a dear cousin of mine. We were both going to run away to Starve Rock but my day didn't work out as planned and left later then expected so got a late start. So we headed to Silver Springs in Yorkville. It was about a good 4 to 5 miles of hiking up and down the path...Awesome work out as I sleep like a baby...need to do more of of long hikes with good people.  

I didn't bring my camera or my phone but She did and capture these awesome photo of the springs...the blanket of "Green Hope" as I call it was bending and bowing at the little creeks edge.  Like a little kid I was in awe of color sensor was sounding off. 

Some added info about the springs.  

A pool of clear bubbling water which sparkles like silver on sunny days provides the basis for the name of Silver Springs State Fish and Wildlife Area. Even on extremely cold days, this pool does not freeze, and visitors marvel at the bordering beds of watercress. Majestic oaks and prairie grasslands provide a panorama of natural beauty to park visitors. The Fox River runs through this picturesque area which is also home to several small man made lakes. A natural prairie restoration project gives visitors a feeling of the original landscape with native wildflowers, songbirds, waterfowl and upland game. Picnicking, fishing and hiking are popular pastimes in summer, with ice fishing, sledding, ice skating and cross-country ski trails available for the winter sports lover. For relaxing, exercising or just enjoying nature, Silver Springs is the perfect get away location.
The state of Illinois purchased the original 1,250-acre area in 1969. It is located five miles west of Yorkville in Kendall County. An additional 100 acres have since been added to the site. A 30-acre prairie restoration project began in 1980 and continues in its development with the addition of 15 acres in 1991.

So it was a good day of running away and being part of life. 

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  1. Beautiful! I need to do more running away in 2016!!


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