Thursday, December 31, 2015

And it's just Winter Drama

“When you are not honoring the present moment by allowing it to be, you are creating drama.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Reflecting a bit...darn I share? might has well. 

Feeling that I might be creating my own inner drama now and then and through the past year it had me looking into it...of course I googled it and found this   7 Crucial Steps to minimize drama in your life 

I've found that I do have know drama thing and I've always used my art to help me get though it and when I'm not creating as I have expectation like I would be I seem to cause some havoc for myself. I know that I have used this drama to be prolific in my collage artwork.  Luckily though I've toned it down some so it's not to major but it does effect a few close people in my life...My inner family for sure.

I'll be looking at this along with many other area in my life...on my journey of Spirituality and what that is all about.

There's some truth for sure about honoring the moment...being present..

My questions to myself is what if you have been a drama queen and more on the inside then out and now you want to really turn down the knob on the drama volume...what is left?  Self image toying with me...a dull, nothing?   All false self beliefs for sure...Oh I must stay away from the sugar...misses with my thinking.

A journey it will be...just sharing in case anyone else was having some thoughts about drama in there life...Funny thing is I don't like being around people that are really outwardly dramatic...Isn't it said, "If you spot it you got it?"   Well I got a dose of it....know it, own it and move on baby..time to do some growing again.

Yesterday Morning Walk in the Woods...very dramatic and but one of present moment as the heavy snow fall I was part of it...came back a bit wet...fell once and now this morning I understand why my neck must have been when I fell...I was trying not to then just let go and surrender to the fall. 

And it's just Winter Dream....

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