Friday, November 06, 2015

Woke up way to early

I'm sitting here way to early in my hotel room. If I open the door to go out to walk I wake my two daughters. So I plunk along at the keys here and again try to get my darn iPad to load photos and to be kind to my needs.
I've completed the workshop and I'm feeling good about the turn out, though always room for improvement. 

My watch says one time my phone says another and the hotel room clock says something else... So some what challenged with technology. 

Last night we went to dinner, girls and I, to celebrate Maddies birthday early... See today is her birthday. She and here sister Bernie have been a big help. 

No title yet,   But this was a collage I did in a demo then mounted it on a wood panel. Size is 8 x8
And this is a abstract landscape one 6x12

I've got to work on the other photos I took not a photographer so takes me a bit longer. But I did ask my daughter, birthday girl to take a few so I'll have to wait till we get home.

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