Sunday, November 01, 2015

To live life

So I'm re reading Finding Water...Julia Cameron's Third book....I'm finding it very comforting at this point.  Yesterday I spent the whole day practically creating in the ideas of creating these painted ponies which that I wasn't even sure I know what to call them.  I've settled on a series title of Painted Mares...and Painted I mean also with the symbolism on them besides the name the Native American Indians horses are called that are spotted, brown, black and white.

Any ways...I'm very thankful I used that time to work through my anxiety of this workshop and the air flight there.   I had this idea for some time and kept shelving it but it keeps popping off the shelf.

I have some fears...honestly I'm not allowing them to fully manifest... and countering it with how awesome this all is....yes a list of gratitude is going to spill out.

1. I'm grateful for the invite to present a workshop in Arizona
2. I'm grateful that I didn't say no
3. I'm grateful that I have enough funds to do this.
4. I'm grateful my two daughters get to come with me the first time and I'm not alone.
5. I'm grateful that my host is so kind and caring she's almost held my hand all the way through this,        her experience with me is so awesome. I hope I'm not a pain in her side...
6. I'm grateful my husband supports and encouraged me to do this along with my son.
7. I'm grateful for all past experience that help me stay strong and focused.
8. I'm grateful that I have a grounding in a higher spirit for times like these allow me to look towards       the strength to try new things and not allow fear to over ride.

I'm sure I'll thinking of more but opportunities like this out way any fears...some of my mentors that I see out there in this big world are exploring like this. Not that I'm comparing or competing but when opportunities present we have a choice and when you say yes...look out.

I chatted with an artist friend and she said I remember when you left and you said I think I want to do workshops out of state....well, watch out what you wish for you just might get it..

OK...boring right?   took a photo of my boarding pass and now I'm going to walk in the woods...there I find my water and will to keep up my end of the deal in life....that is to live!


  1. Congratulations to you for your bravery, and grabbing the bull by the horns!

  2. I know you'll be great! Your love for what you do always shines through! Others will see that too and that is a quality that is irrestible I believe! Passion is like a magnet!

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement Robin.

  3. I travel and teach workshops all over the U.S. and Canada so I know about traveling on a plane and going to a new place to explore and teach... hope your workshop goes well.

    1. So far it is going well, feeling watched and blessed.


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