Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Ready to start day one

We're here, my daughters and I.   Got ourselves settled in and set up in the workshop space to come out just in time to see the light hit the mountain tops behind us.  Sleep was rough the night before , no sure I got any. My excitement wouldn't shut down, guess my host Jan was the same way.

The hardest part so far was try to set the room up.. I has 5 more then I'm use to so I want to make sure things can flow.

Water, to can seem to get enough water... Part of jet lag and in a drier area.

Going to bring my lap top in to take some pictures hope to post more later.
Full of gratitude.


  1. Everything will go just fine . . . you're a pro at this now. And yes, keep yourself hydrated! Very dry there AND you'll be talking a lot. Looking forward to hearing how it's going. There's beauty there, no? One of my favorite places.

  2. Sending you positive energy across the miles!!!! Looking forward to your next post. Remember to fill the well, my friend.


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