Friday, November 13, 2015

Product testing

 So my papers are unpacked from the last workshop and I wanted to play with them and what a great way to do that then with new product.  This is a blurry image but the leaves at the top look a bit furry. They are because you can see the paper bloom on them. In the mixed media arena the idea of using images and transferring them over other papers is a natural process for most collage artists.  There are many ways to do it but the main thing is to build that skin up and doing that it takes many layers of an acrylic medium. Of course on the image side only. The image above with the leaves was printed on computer paper and I use a laser color copier. Apply three layers of Nova Gel and continue to the watercolor substrate and gave that a coat and let it dry.

 One of the students, Mabel was using the Gel and testing it out through the workshop but I wanted to know what would happens if I used this brand for all the same applications I use Golden for and well Happy to say it works and with a satin finish.  I'll have to test it out for larger collages.

 One thing is the gel is a gel consistence and now a thinner one that you can put in a squirt bottle so you have to brush it on... but it's less then half what I pay for Golden...sorry Golden this really matters when it comes down to buy supplies.

Had to take a picture of cactus and the black criss-crosses...they found their way into my collage making.

Explore, 8 x 8 Collage on watercolor paper, stained tissue papers, painted drawing paper, grunge paper in turquoises, painted Kraft paper,wax crayons, color image transfer with a satin varnish. 

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