Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wisdom of the Ages

I'm not exactly sure what I'm talking about when I say wisdom from the ages. I found this image on Google and try to find the person that created the drawing of the prayer with the feather but no such luck.

You see yesterday I received an email from the daughter of a very important lady in my life.  Our relationship changed over the coarse of years as all relationship do.  But it became distant and a lack of luster...I thought I might have not filter myself and said something to bring hurt upon her. Now I understand it wasn't anything like that.

We chatted by phone now and then over the past few years, she said she had some spots on her lungs...and that it was all better and she was feeling good and the grand children were coming down and what fun they would be having.

She wasn't all better.... quietly she went in her sleep with her close family at her side. I'm grateful her daughter and I had met and she was kind and thoughtful to send me an email to let me know.

Over many lunches and cups of coffee and sweaty phones we chatted.  She would share, all the time "Carpe Diem"  and help me learn about living fully. She shared her experience on raising her children which in fact help me raise mine.  She had a son that had some difficulty in know not quiet and sit still type...ones that can't  pay attention and brought about frustration upon everyone around him. And this was over 30 years ago.  Now he's a policemen and the trouble that he had when he was younger now are skills used and needed for his job...She always had a way for me see things with a new hope, changed attitude and that all lead to a new perspective.

The Serenity Prayer was something we shared together....and recently my perspective upon these words have changed.  You know what it is....ready to receive them in the way that will guide me better. The Teacher always appears when the student is ready... They have been around for ages these words but as a wise sage woman passes I'm being guided to read them again.

Through pain do we change...emotions are a bit raw right now and that's life....and I'm grateful even though I'm grieving....she made the world a better place for the people closes to her. Aho~ 

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