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Friday, October 30, 2015

The plan is.....

Well I've got to stay out of the studio...every time I go in I'm thinking of something else to bring and pack up...I thought I had the art supplies packed?  But yesterday I spent a little time in the studio and created a small three signature journal to bring. The cover is from hand made wrapping paper my oldest daughter made for me...crows and feather, love the both.  Can't let morning pages go, got to keep the brain drained.

I have samples of the abstract landscapes to show.  This are exciting to make with your scraps from the other collage you make. Great little ditties...

Plan is to walk again....helps my anxiety of all the great new things that will be happening and then I need to pick up artwork at LaGrange Art League and mat up a piece of art and ship it out...before I know it the day will be in the afternoon and I'll be thinking about dinner and what to make...grateful and thankful...

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