Monday, October 12, 2015

The day of assembling the collage papers in The Floating Collage Workshop

 Greeting the morning to some dry papers...Let the day begin. 

 Bonnie here putting her collage together in the stages...larger back ground piece and then the smaller on top. Making many choices along the way.

 Lynn working on the smaller piece first. 

 Susan in the sun nice. After the demo this morning this group of woman got busy on their floating collages.

First off I should have an assistant to take pictures for me...Left my regular camera a home...and know left with my phone camera which is a good camera but the person holding the camera has a few issue...(can't stand and hold the camera still enough.)

 Julia piece

 Jenny's piece...and Her sister Krissy...which for the life of me I can't find the photo I took...well I thought I took so here's an image of the too of them shared on can see Krissy's work.
How cool is that sisters take class together, hope they had fun. 

 Kaye's piece...again I'm sorry for the out of focus shot.. we were all ooh and aahing over it.

Kelley's piece with the Gargoyle, 

 Lynn's piece 

Mara's piece

Bonnie's piece

                                                                   Susan's piece

 Noreen and her wonderful style was a prolific one, even made a card for Mara's birthday. 

Renee's Piece 

All of these piece's were made from the same papers, the difference from the other collages I work with is the edge. The organic torn edge that is so present in these piece. There's a glazing of raw umber, black or a deep purple is a help in unifying the pieces together.  Each student was given a choice of two reference images to from and make a palette of papers to work with. 
Toni, we missed you and hope you feel better soon. 

We are all Hopeful for Crystal and her journey to find a Mold free place and get the workshops going again...good thoughts for her.  

My Demo's piece, "Reaching for the Wind"

Thank you everyone for coming to this workshop...


  1. Some wonderful work here Laura...congratulations on being such a great tutor.

  2. All the work is quite amazing here. Beautiful creations!

  3. Anonymous12:59 AM

    it's wonderfull. I would like to participate to a workshop with Laura but I live in France... It could be nice to have a book about this technique.

    1. Hi...that same thought has been carried around for a few years now....I feel soon it will manifest itself into something real. thank you for stopping by the blog.


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