Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sweetest Day...

The amount of energy yesterday was scary...after having a whooper of something hit me like ton of brick and back up and going a gain a couple of day later...I don't sound pretty and still have a cough but the walk in the woods was so refreshing it renewed my spirit.

Two of my oldest gals were home from work all day so staying on the back side of things and just listening is always a pleasure...their old enough that anything I say won't really matter. So to have moments to hear about what's going on in their life's that they share to each other and feel comfortable in front of me are rare and special. Can't believe I'm saying that.

Grandma S. stopped by and was also able to visit with them which she also doesn't get a chance to see them. We are all working and hard to coordinate so when the spring's like stop all things and hang out.

As we were hanging out my Husband came home early from work...he said he wanted to get me flowers and when he went in their to our local Jewel...that's where he loves to go...(chuckling)...the ladies there love him. He thought Sweetest day had pass and he was making up for it, well he was right on time...Silly guy...and with his Most Interesting Man look and dimples when he smiles he had them all laughing...

 I was attracted to a bad boy from the very start... I've got this tough ass biker, construction dude for a husband and he's the most softest loving person I know...So I will be making him Breakfast this morning for Sweetest Day if I don't burn the bacon...


  1. Hi,fantastics the color flowers and this brunch,mmmm!!!


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