Saturday, October 03, 2015

What's Next, Onward one goes...

  A quick photo of the floating collage, framed.  Not mat just spacers that attached to the glass that raise it up enough so the collage doesn't rest on the glass.

 Next projects that's been on the project list board in  the studio now for a while... is these Abstract paper that I make where then I cut it up and reassemble it with other papers I make from the inspiration of the paper.

I go back and revisit other processes and this one is to bring in the sewing machine stitch.  Now that also adds an element if ripple to the papers as I sew it and it's not completely problem to be not sure yet but I'm sure something will come because I want to adhere it to the board...which did with this one...

These get to be a bit more intense...but love the process...  

And this guy here....Love him dearly...he wasn't able to make the reception at the beginning but headed up on his motorcycle later last night and it broke down on the tollway...He says he sat at the toll booth for about an hour trying to fix it and then got to running on one cylinder and made to the opening late...I wondered where he was...not worried till I hear it broke down but so grateful he made it home after the reception. .... Always my Viking Knight....

I'm very grateful to those that made it out last night to the Opening of Collage Composed, Thank so much for your support and it was wonderful to see you all. 


  1. Your work, seen all together, was so eloquent. I can see the evolution and loved sharing your journey.
    It was a great show, and nice to meet your Viking Knight! :) ~Dottie


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