Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A few photo's from Creative Art Journal

 Here are a few images of the Creative Art Journal Class...a challenge and inspirations as we are using old books for our substrates.   Some have lots of images others the written word.  Carolyn's book is evolving into a Woman's Archetype book. She does a lot of Life drawing and paint on her own so this is very interesting how it's working out and she's excited about it too.

 Joan our lady full of great ideas...as uses a book about plants and she's bring it all together about her yard and garden.
 Sally our "Envelope Lady," Each week Sally brings something into share...Her journal is taking on the Halloween theme here. As you can see we did some cut a-ways and dutch door effects, Creating areas of interest.
 Using the Stencils and so many creative ways, this gal is off and running with it. Susan is new to the realms of journaling but you couldn't tell...

 Marcelle has been venturing out and exploring the stamping textures she can make and pulling all the pages together
 Mary Lee, feel in love with the green spread I showed everyone and so she's working on some stenciling and blocking out some areas too.

 Rebecca is read for the Cover of the book and adding a few things and a big ribbon hid underneath the papers...great job. Love the "Go Get them Attitude"

Martha is working with some gesso shapes and re-enforcement circles adding color etch.

 Jeanine, has a plan to make her's in to a travel art journal and document some of her travels already and ones to come.
 This was a quick demo on adding images from a magazine and pushing it back on the page and unifying it. I used a sponge roller to add color then glued the magazine image and from there took my cosmetic sponge and smeared more paint on and some stenciling and stamping and and you have a good start to now add some detail to.

 And this is a spread I did over the weekend...layering over and adding in collage papers and hand writing. I shared with them that there are times I truly don't know what the heck I'm doing...it just feels good to play with the materials and then I let it dry and come back and do more then all of a sudden something happens and my inspiration is tweaked just right and I'm off on a creative adventure on the surface of the paper or journal...I love working on them...Need to do them more.

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