Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Dangerous spot to be in

 So thinking of shipping artwork to Arizona this week and something that is manageable for everyone involved. This is always a dangerous place to be in.  What work should I bring? which ones will they like? do I have enough? or to much?  And were did the darn tape go...?  I think my hair is thinning...LOL
 When this is all over I'm be saying to myself...where were you all worried about, "Gosh girl get you *%$* together...Right?   Big adventure time...

 Well excited to receive these in the mail...there big fatties...I saw Mary Beth Shaw had them and well art supplies-crayons and big pencils all combine in one.  They came the other day and I'm excited to use them...might have to pull out a big sheet of white paper and see what happens.

Hard to see but I've got a tender horse things going and  this image of sort has been popping up now and then I would like to continue it...I've got three big wood panels to build a series on.

 Plan is....Walk in the woods,   Mail out the art work, Play in the shop.  I jokely say dangerous spot to being of I could cause some troubles or it could play out the way it's planned... emotions are high and thoughts are floating around great excitement...

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