Friday, September 11, 2015

What would the Husband do?

We all learn differently.  My husband loves to study stuff and is always curious how it works.  Heck he taught himself about computers.  We can all do this if we have the determinations and let go of time I think...and of course if were interested in it.

I had to pack for my demo...yesterday and wanted to get that done before I sat down and pretended I would approach the computer like he would. Mainly because of the time one might need to sit and wait on line to talk to someone sitting in a cubical across the big waters in another country.

I did some research...the joke around the house is "let me see if there's a You Tube on it?"   What I had to do was some research on  why my new lap top keyboard was partially working.  There seemed to be another update with this new Windows 10 or something... and after that went through my keyboard did'n't work right.   I found stuff from when they introduce windows 8 and all the glitches that it had.   I tried some of them then I resorted to calling the techie.   Sat for about a half hour waiting and then he came on... I thought about the movie "Best Exoctic Marigold Hotel." where the woman shares about how to talk to people on the phone...The techie was really nice, patient and kind.

We went thought a few dances (tests) and then the same notification came up about the AC plug and wattage.   Well had to take the battery pack out and then unplug the AC plug and hit that power button....drain the system dry. Plugged the AC adapter back in and then started it back up. No error or message and then put the battery pack back in and we to Microsoft word program and started typing.

I had motion and movement and of the keys...Oh so nice. Seems it was over powered, not go to have to much power is it?  and when that happens the computer can have glitches of sorts.   or that was a good answers for, I really don't know Miss just is.

I felt really good about the whole event yesterday and was so excited to share with the Husband I fixed the computer problem all by myself.  He kind of made fun of me, in a cute sort of way....I could see a little relieved or deflated that he wasn't the Knight in Shinny Jeans any more for that problem that rose up today.   But had to explain what went on and thought it was funny...but goes to show you can always learn something new.

On to completing  a few more piece of abstract landscapes for the workshop I have next week in Door County at the Clearing.
Right now I'm wondering can I fit a ride in at the stables too?

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