Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sharing a few things, Incite 3 and The Clearing.

 Take Heart, 36 x 36 was one of my first piece in this series of Faceless people, it has since sold while it was exhibited at Jackson Junge Gallery in Chicago.  I hear a gentleman bought it and every month he would come in on his truck route and make a payment till it was paid off. So I entered it into the book Incite 3, the rest of the store is there for you to read.

 I've not received my copy as of yet but I'm sure it will be another good one. 

 This morning after a bit of self care, Morning Pages, chat with the Husband and yoga, I went into the room that looks down over the workshop area and saw this lovely window. Had to take a picture of it. The winds are so awesome...born under the sign of Gemini we are air people and I am taken by the air that blows through the trees and the sound it makes.  Like someone with Waves by the shoreline, which I seen are making white caps with the change of the winds.
I'm  reminiscing now about Pocahontas when Grandmother Willow sings Blowing in the wind song...

 I have 10 students and it will be a great are set, plastic on the floors for our papers to dry on. Lots of windows and the weather will be with us. Maybe not tomorrow though.

My back it to the window might be a bit hard in the morning but after that it will be just fine. I'm so grateful again for being able to come and teach at places like this. 

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