Saturday, September 19, 2015

Second day...and progress was made.

 Francha adding in some glazing medium.

 Phyllis had a mission, our Sage woman of the bunch wants to make this landscape scene in every medium she can, she's got acrylics and now collage, next she said it will be pastels.

 Meg was really enjoying herself with some great papers and playful spirit.

 Kathy took off like she really was meant to do collage.

 I think Carol also felt very comfortable with the papers and the process.

 Nancy...Oh I loved her stories, she kept us entertained all two days of the workshops. She really has a playful spirit and created some great pieces.

 John was here all week with his wife on an independent study so now he has a few piece to go back to the school side of The Clearing and show and tell this Friday night.

Some fine piece of Abstract Landscape Collages we can all come away from this with a great feeling of accomplishment and lots of papers.  Always good to have a nice palette to pull from especially with collage.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful time what a great group we had. Heading home  now. 


  1. Meg M.5:28 PM

    Laura - this was an amazing class. I am so grateful for this opportunity to meet you, take a course at the Clearing, and to learn with so many other wonderful people. Thank you for everything.

  2. We had a great group of loved meeting you and everyone else.

  3. Are you planning an online course for 2016? I took one of yours last winter, and I would love to take another!


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