Thursday, September 10, 2015

Refuse Single Use Plastics and a shovel

So after walking the dogs this morning around the block....can't go to far as the Senior four legged friend-Carl is now 14...his spirit comes alive for this...but his body is old and in pain most times.  But we go anyways.  They are now resting comfortable making big sighs and I'm typing here about the concern of the husband.   He walks by the kitchen table as I write or type in the morning.  He asks what's up...he can tell by my face I'm in deep thought or off in another world.   I shared this video with Jeff many videos to we watch about important things and do nothing or maybe have good intentions.  Well of course this video shares about Refuse Single Use Plastics, they are made just for that- single use and toss away...and a waste of oil...use something, foil cloth wax paper...well I watch my oldest daughter already doing this...she carries around these little square material things (little pillows of sort) and when needed pops them out to be carrying bags.  I also use bags that are reusable but there are times when I get lazy and use their/store plastic bags...I think I will be more aware of that and food wise I'll have to see about crazy cause foods not in the plastic that you have to buy in balk cost more... when in the big picture it cost us all more in the end. debate about spending money now which can be tight, verse our planet and the next generation.

With all this deep thought I went to Good Will yesterday needed to drop something off there that I was carrying around that no one in the house would be able or wanted to reuse...while I was there,

I found this...yes a see we know about shovels in our house...well I would say the Husband knows about shovels he's a ditchdigger and knows them well.   He told his oldest daughter to get a good shovel for the winter time and well they had a talk about it.  Seem something like this would fit nicely in her trunk and last for the wet heavy snows that would block her into a parking spot in the City.  $4.99 and that is checked off the list...I snapped a picture and sent her a text and she got back to me and now she's got a shovel in the trunk of her car.

So now with all this new laptop key board has decided not to work...well partially and I guess it's a problem with the new windows 10 and your keyboards and computer.  The Husband is so frustrated about this stuff...I'm on the studio computer now typing...and finishing this up, really just rambling.  Time now to get going on what I'm going to bring tonight for the Demo at Addison Art Guild.

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