Monday, September 14, 2015

Demo Photo's from this Past Thursday

In this demo I shared of course some of the papers techniques I do and also the process.  As of starting with a big sheet of paper and really opening up and freeing my adult self from perfect and allowing my imperfect child like self to come out.  The process lends it self to new ideas for creating new papers and stirs up some underline stuff that has been itching to get out but didn't know how or was afraid. 

I also shared where using a view finder and to find new composition with in your own works or from other magazine images and artwork.  Keep practicing and trying new things and I shared I give myself assignments and really commit to carrying them out.

Photo's are courteously from Jean K. Brown...thanks so much for them

Off to Creative Art Journaling Today....First day always gets me over excited and I'm sure I'll stumble a bit but then it's what makes it all great to be human. "Perfectly imperfect and embracing it with love"

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