Monday, August 17, 2015


Beginning of a new week...

Excerpt from Walking in this World Wk 9 under Insecurity

Grace is available to us always, as any stage of the creative journey. As beginners, we need the grace to begin. As apprentice artists, we need the grace to continue. As accomplished artists, we need the grace to continue. As accomplished artists, we need the grace to again accomplish what it is we can. At all levels of creative endeavors, the Great Creator is present and partnering, us.

We are brought along like fighters, remarked Julianna McCarthy. She means that the Great Creator always give us strength enough and support enough and guidance enough to meet the precise creative challenges at hand. We may be overwhelmed but God is not.  If we fail at Plan A, god has an endless supply of Plan B’s. There is always not only a fall back positions, but also a net. That net is having the faith to try again.

When we say that making art is an act of faith and that as we make art we purse a spiritual path, we are not talking loosely. There is grace in our very artistic encounter. Miracles do happen. We do not plan them. We hope for them and then we are open to the Creator’s mentoring hand in improving our suggestions. What looks difficult or impossible to us does not appear difficult or impossible to the Great Creator. As we set our egos aside and allow that creative power to work through us, miracles are routinely accomplished-seemingly by our own hand. Creative energy is like electricity. It will flow whether we allow it to or not. As we open our circuitry to conscious collaboration with higher forces, we are shaped by the energy that moves through us into artists we dream we can become. The minute we relinquish the notion that our creative dreams are centered in the ego, the minutes we begin to see them as spiritual adventures, we allow the Great Creator to shape us as only it can and will. 

And then on to Week 10 

Though I'm starting week 11 now I need to go back and read this part in week 9...needing the Grace and Spiritual Space...

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