Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gentle care, connection and healing

Daredevil in the House, 12 x 36 collage and assemblage on wood panel with a shadowbox, was drop off at LaGrange Art League yesterday.  While I was there it feel like coming home...I know sounds crazy.  I met up with Mary Southard and we chatted about glues to use for a project she is commission to do and very excited about. And then with Nancy the framer there in walks Alla Jablokow, watercolor artists and my first supporter for teaching.  She encourage me to teach what I know...which at the time wasn't much but it encouraged me to keep learning to share and do better in my art of collage.  Hugs were passed out freely and with warmth and honesty.   I know I needed. 

After I dropped off my work I head home and bummer around the studio...feeling a bit down...I just was informed about a ending of a gallery relationship that I stood up for myself and asked questions and well the let me go.   All is good because my intuition was telling me it was time...and I second guessed it but put it aside thinking it was just some fear....

As I continued through my day I good get myself to the process I need to, to finish the last lesson for the on line wasn't in me...but I knew I need to do some gentle care and healing...

 So I pulled out the papers and the canvas that has been ready and waiting patiently for me. Canvas 36 x 36...feeling unsure and vulnerable I started...knowing that when I get back into the work, my ideas, and now someone else I would feel better.  Plugged in Ed Sheeran X and feel so much at home and save.
 This collage is one that I created a long time ago in a sketchbook with just magazines and well you can see the larger version blown up and the canvas....with the rainy day ahead and breakfast out of the time to connect and heal.

From when I was very little my intuition has been a very strong guide...and every time I lesson it has shared the I'm so grateful nothing has been damaged or lost and artwork will be recovered and returned home for a new venue so...feels are still a bit discombobulated but will settle back and ground themselves soon.  Life with all these interesting learning opportunities. 

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