Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ebb and Flow...

Questioning...silly but it comes and goes...What am I doing ?  why am I doing it ? and where the fudge bunnies am I going?

Been working through the artist way book, Walking in this World...late on posting Week 11   Late to whom?  myself...Setting standards and not meeting them make me have some depressed moments.   I've got the whole day head of me and I can do what I want I'm told....That's true.  So what am I fretting about.

All artists get discouraged. All Artists have deep inner wells of self-pity into which we periodically dive. All Artists are doing better than someone else and worse than someone else. All artists are doing better today than they have in the past and worse than they will in the future. All Artists specialize in self-doubt. It is how we hone the creative imagination.

I had to pull this out of week 11 the statement about.  it's again time to check in on myself and ask some question and walk...been a few days.  So funny how when you can work it all.. it works but then life has your routine jumbled and then your/I, am off kilter again.  But the blessing it knowing that you can regain a bit of balance with a few simple things. (Reminder to self-Balance is not being disturbed.  And that's what I feel like...also to know what to do with your feelings before everyone in your house hold knows your disturbed is hard, that one I've not perfected yet.)

So I will reread my notes from week 11 with all the spelling and type o's and continue on because that's what I do well.  I get all caught up on the business side of things and I know what it does to Ebbed my flow and realizing as I plunk away on my key board here...its natural.

decreaselessendeclinereducesubsidedie down, abatedwindle,fadeslacken

 off, moderatelet up, ebbwanerecededie away/out, peter out; 

  1. Flow
    In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Both have to present to know the full impact of life...cycles, rhythms, seasons.

~from Living Wabi Sabi~ With all the good we encounter in life, there will always be at least a bit of bad, just as we will always find a piece of fortune in misfortune when we look close enough. Why does the Universe work in this mysterious way?  Maybe because flaws and mishaps are great stimuli for growth and creativity.  

As the husband leaves for work today he ask...I don't get you why do you do that to yourself...Doubt that this?   

Because honey I'm growing again....The ebb and flow of life and beauty of the imperfect flaws that make us real and alive. 

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