Saturday, August 15, 2015

Collage at Creek Gallery-Crystal Lake IL

The Husband was able to drive out to the Art Reception with me.  Happy about that, not one of my top of the list things to do.  Funny I know with all the publicity, marketing and social media stuff being at a art receptions I have to admit it uncomfortable.   As I shared with another artist a few days ago about the opportunity for a big gallery talk...I kind of froze....and I responded only if I can wear my apron. Like a dog that is scared of thunder...something about it feels so awkward and unnatural. Though I do it and need to force myself to do it more....Things we put ourselves through for just a short moment of our life on this earth...why worry and fret...process work.

Now to say the place was hopping and lots of artist and people there. The art work was amazing, I didn't pull out my camera to take pictures. Really some beautiful work.

We left because we didn't eat dinner so went out and had some dinner at the Texas House down the road...we both were laughing because it was so loud and in your face kind of  a restaurant...we are getting old  not our cup of tea...a little more calm is what we're looking for.  But what is most important is the new experience and time spent together...good laughs always when we do road trips..

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  1. Glad her was there for you! i understand your discomfort. And the noisy restaurants.....not my fave either. I feel like an old curmudgeon because I am so tired of hearing the staff sing Happy Birthday to people! LOL!


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