Friday, August 07, 2015

about Fear....

So I'm reading about fear in Walking in the World Book II Julia Cameron and yesterday I was preparing most of the day with papers drying between loads of laundry and dishes.   I could feel the anxiety rise and fall.  I was able to fit in nice walk in the woods, on the first time around the idea popped in...yes I mean it popped in that I should apply for the Art Markers Workshop submission in Denver and this time with the collage meditation I do when I have a long workshop I should add a visual meditation. I began the second time around with my walk and even though I'm walking in the woods I play out the visualization in mind....and before I know it I done walking the two miles.   The whole day and not into today I have carried it with me. My natural anxiety was a level that was much easier to hand.  (all about making sure I prepared and have all my eggs in one basket, heck the last time I forgot my paints when I did a demo four years ago.)   About two hours before leaving for the long drive out to Sycamore I sat at the computer and face a fear... filled out the information to submit a workshop proposal in Denver next year.  I sent it off and I'm afraid of messing up a demo and was also afraid of sending this know the mind melting that natural comes and goes...  I received a email right back and the person said this Looks Great but can you send us a Bio?  I was thinking, Sure...why didn't I send it from the start...and wow she received it already and said it look great as possible this is just like a juried exhibit there are lots of people submitting.  So at this point I feel a win win....

Had a awesome demo and the group was large and what a great place to hold meeting...nice mirror over my head so they all could see and they were so welcoming...I gave them a book- Incite 2 that 3 piece of my work is in...they can raffle it another meeting or put it in their library if they want.

I guess what I want to say is while I had some anxiety about one thing...(all natural and good) I calmed it down with doing another things that I was even more afraid of doing...Nix's one by doing the other...leave the homestead and hit the road feel Awesome. 

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