Saturday, July 18, 2015

Round tables, Intuitive Collage, 2-days-Janesville Day 1

 This space is Wonderful. As you see huge area for demo sections and the large round tables for everyone to work off of.   We were very thankful for the air conditioning as it was a hot one outside.

 We have Bonnie working hard at sanding a few magazine papers, Patty to you right and Susan and Karolyn behind Bonnie.
 I couldn't resist this photo...Now we all have chairs to sit on but Jann here was brought to her knees with delight. She was busy working the whole time.
 Carole one of our hosts in the back there by the door and Gail deciding what found papers to alter next.
 One never knows what kind of papers you will end up truely is a experimental and playful process.  This paper was done with stencil and Nevr Dull.

We did a small version of the Abstract papermaking...this is where you play on the Kraft paper all the way through the process of making the other papers.  Anything extra bring it to the surface and then at the end of things you have this wonderful paper that pull together all the other papers you were making.

Can't wait for today...we made the Red Roof house but had to let them dry but today I'll be ready with my camera to snap some pictures...You know Art it's about the Process 85% of the time any ways..


  1. Looks like you're all having fun, and I hope staying cool. Thanks for posting the photos.

    1. Oh Sherry we were all very happy to be inside this weekend with air conditioning...And yes they were enjoying themselves greatly.


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