Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recap from the weekend....

 As we begin to bring it all together... Karolyn here is working on the 11 x 14 size..pulling all the rich papers together.
 Susan, so cute back in the corner...which was a good place as she was sensitive to smells etc. which we didn't get to too much.  I caught a cute snap shot of her.  Lovely work.

 Karolyn was letting some things dry while work on others.

 Jann...was very excited about using the warm southwest colors...I like them too.

 Maureen's piece is coming together nicely...

 Sylvia works in quilts and she's exploring some pattern work with hers and adding a gold glazing over everything which is shimmer and shined beautifully.

Maureen is working on a Abstract Landscape piece...and doing a bit of shadowing...really enjoy watch this all come together.
 Instead of going Vertical, Linda went Horizontal with her abstract Landscape piece.  When the tape is cut off it will look wonderful. The tape gives it a nice clean look and allows you the safety of any messes that come about on the surface with the glazing etc.

 Carole's abstract piece is here and really enjoying it.

 Gail is enjoy the arrangement process of moving the pieces around till it feels just right.

 Bonnie is shadowing her piece to enhance the papers and give it depth.

 On the first day we did an exercise in composition and process. I prepare some red paper and brought my scrap box of papers and let them create their little Red Roof houses.   It's growing The Red Roof Society that is...not Red Hats but Red Roofs.

As the day was coming to an end the pieces started to grow on the wall. Most had about three sheets of watercolor paper in the packet.  I added a variety of size to help spark inspiration....some where able to cut the tape off others were still needing some more time to work on them and didn't want to cut the tape off...

So grateful for the travels there and back...and for the time I spent with these creative souls...what Awesome group and the place to work in was so spacious it hard to even come back to my own studio...Thanks Ladies...


  1. Your 'real' workshops must be such fun. Pity I'm so far away.

  2. Looks like a productive workshop!

  3. This workshop was one of the most informative hands-on workshop I have ever taken and the most exhausting. I am a visual/get my fingers dirty learner and this was packed with all sorts of techniques. Thank you very much Laura. I would also like to thank Linda and Carole for all their hard work to put on a feast and snacks for all of us, it was very much appreciated.


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