Thursday, July 09, 2015

Oh Ants....there's a reason for this season

Patience, Patience, Patience! What your are asking for or working toward is coming - but it requires patience and sticking to the path you are currently on.

When Ant comes marching into your life:

Encountering an ant you should consider that all good things come with time, and effort. Work with diligence, with conviction, and work with others in order to forge your dreams and turn them into reality. Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages.
Alternatively it may be time to consider your own role, concentrate on your specialties and make sure you are making the most of your natural gifts. However, remain aware that nothing can be accomplished without the unity of the whole. Think about how your own contributions in your career, your family, and day to day life fit into the larger picture. No matter how small your task, or your contribution, it is still essential.

If Ant is your Animal Totem:

You are easily able to see your future needs and plan for it. You have an instinctive knowledge of how to build your dreams slowly over time and are content in knowing that everything will come in time. You are the architect of your life. Your greatest successes come with persistence. You have the ability to easily work with others and have a strong sense of community goals.
Above from a website..I found.. 
So seems the ants are marching in for a reason....we've had to deal with ants and well what can I say just part of the season...adjust to what that call it. So we did the natural stuff outside the house to gather the colony and relocated them across the road to the cattail basin birm.  But there are still amazing how large a group of creatures work and get along. 
Then we had to move to the next phase as of the Terro ant killer. Not happy about using it but we save most of them by relocation.  As creature come in and out of our lives we have to live with them an see the message that they bring for us and be aware and opened minded.  I personal get and on  whim, much like the dog in the movie Up..."Squirrel"  and I'm off and running....but it's good to see and read that I've been trying my darnedest to stay steady and purposefully on a path which has been leading me to good results. So I share about the ants...


In process with the mini collages ....hoping to finish this up soon for class on Monday....oh to sneak in the time...


  1. Ants and wasps! Lol. Yet, there really is nothing funny about insects. They make us pay attention! And they can provide a meaningful metaphor for our lives, if we are honest with ourselves. Especially beautiful is the idea of their small size compared to what they are actually capable of doing...I feel small a lot. But not in a self-defeating way, rather it's an awareness of quiet strength...and the realization that I always have help.

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