Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Just in time....

I ordered a few things
So delighted that came in on time. I will be rambling and packing things the next week or so for the workshop in Janesville WI. There's a great group of ladies there that have a place to use and it's larger and spacious...just what we need.

Well best put a move on things....head to woods...Wednesday is a big self care day for me...

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  1. Hope you had a sensational self care day. When I read that you went to the woods this morning, so did I. Always a pleasure to start the day with a bowl of bone soup and a walk in the woods. The trail goes along the Etowah River here in Canton, GA. I saw a Kingfisher and several smal turtles. I also learned that all those dying trees I saw in IL are Ash. My sister in Oswego said the city marked the Ashes in her neighborhood for cutting. On my walk home, I got stung on my calf. Didn't see or hear any bug. Boy, does it hurt! Been icing it. I'm curious what you know about the insect totem...


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