Saturday, July 04, 2015

Drawing task work, assignment

My task in Week 3 of Walking in this World, A sense of Adventure, was to carry around a sketchbook...which I have many Collage sketchbook but not one that I've done a whole lot of drawing in.  One of the things Julia encourages is if you like yellow then work with yellow that day. Act on it take the risk...Well I've wanted to draw and I dabble in it from time to time. Plus I love the way these two rock connect. So I'm going to work with the rocks...not yellow but with rocks. 

So yesterday while walking in the woods the idea came to use the rocks that my sister gave me and photograph it from different angles and start with one position and repeat it 4 times.  Four was picked because it's the size of the images that would fit on one page and when cut out and glued in the sketchbook it would work best. 

 I started my first sketch at about two in the afternoon while I was in the kitchen doing prep work and pre-cooking somethings and making tortillas for everyone to use during the week. (love the mundane tasks of chopping, mixing and rolling out.)  So between rolling out the tortillas, I started...I have to say I was prepared with the image in the little sketchbook but didn't know when I would start.  Do you ever start you day and think I'm going to do that today and don't...and when you don't you kind of feel a bit cruddy?  and wished you stuck with the plan to do it...well I was getting that feeling...Then I grab an orange gel pen in the pen holder on the counter. I remember a while back doing this when I wanted to draw the flowers blooming in my backyard I use crayons first...non intimidating. The orange pen allowed me to start as of knowing it's not going to look like it in color so just go for it. Telling myself,  pick up a tool girl and this is my first.

I wanted to work with different mediums so I had this little watercolor pods...some of them have glitter...not a glitter kind of gal but went with it any ways...big risk #2 for the day.

I think I want to find a small watercolor set but in the mean time I will use what I have. 

 I set-up assignment up for myself, from time to time, trying to be manageable with them.  So staying small and sticking to just this image and four in a day is something I can do.  So to approach it with different mediums or drawing styles.  So the next one totally different colors and working with shapes.

 On to the last one using the Zen tangles style....kind of hard to think of what to do next that's not the same as the last area you work with.


  1. Laura, I love all of these, but especially the Zen tango style.I've started drawing recently too and found it really brightened my day, whether I liked the drawing much or not. Just a good contemplative practice, I think. Happy 4th!

  2. Hey girl! It's cool to see you step out of your comfort zone and even better that you can take us on that =journey with you. I like all the things you do, these drawings included. Special meaning for you since they are rocks your sister gave you.


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