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Monday, July 20, 2015

Continue on....Walking in this World Week 6

Discovering a sense of boundaries....

Well I've just come back from a wonderful experience and workshop...all things and events had a gentle way about them and I'm just so grateful.  I did my footwork, stayed present, breathed and I knew I wasn't large and in charge...someone else was.   Seeking guidance at every turn feels more natural now then every before.

I normally walk in the woods for grounded or the transition time of called entry back into my home life but I see that I'm called to do a bit of yard work that when I was young I felt it was a chore but now I find so therapeutic.

I finished typing out my notes for the Artist Way Walking in this World Week 6, for me very powerful and important....so off to tend to the yard...my Square piece of land. 

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