Sunday, June 14, 2015

Where does the next step come from?

Rock - Authentic

Slogan - This too Shall Pass

Horoscope -
June 14, 2015
Take Positive Action
Gemini Daily HoroscopeThe desire to create new opportunities for yourself may make you feel much more self-confident today. Since you know that by focusing on what you want and going after it with determination and resourcefulness, you can make your dreams well within reach. Setting the intention to act, not merely plan, on the things you wish to achieve today could move you closer to your final objective. Before starting on your new path today, you might wish to think about what things tend to hold you back whenever you begin something different. As you think about these things, you may want to visualize yourself cutting yourself free from these limiting ideas, allowing yourself to open up to the wonders that lay ahead. This could infuse you with the energy and resolve you need to seize any new prospects as they arise.

It is through our actions that results happen. While we may have great ideas and plans for the future, it is easy for use to get stuck in the planning phase. Unless we actively work toward our goals, however, we will never really reach them. Since we always have fear surrounding the new, it is important to think about the ways in which we tend to hold back. Uncovering these thoughts, letting them go, and taking positive action today will help you call forth fresh, confident energy into your life, which will give you the strength and hope you need to manifest your dreams.

When I wake up in the morning...I get the coffee going and spill out my yesterday, unresolved issues and give thanks for how all things have a way of working out.  Read...from an assortment of books, some mediation and other worldly.

Then I started the Artist Way- Walking in this II   (my highlighted sections of the book.)  I started last Sunday and not going over things and looking at it I see I've kept up with the Morning pages,  and the artist date and walking didn't happen.

Sharing some Task work....make a list of small doable acts.  Oh making a list my favorite !!

1. Accepting the fact that, Yes I could make copies of the hand outs I create for my classes and workshop and have it ready some day for a book submission.

2. continue morning pages, artist dates and walks
3. continue plugging along on some personal collage piece I've started.
4. work on the my third on line class...which by the way I get blurts of....Really you think it's worth it?  got to stomp that thought right out...Yes it will be worth it because it will be presented as a Collage Sketchbook Compositional series.
5. Be in my studio more this week.
6. finish up "Daredevil in the House"  piece.
7. Trust that it will all work out.
8. Go to a resale shop and look around and treat myself with a new used piece of clothing.
9. Reserve a room for Janesville WI
10. Reserve a room for our visit to Arkansas to see my mom, step dad, sister and brother in law.
11. don't eat between meals.
12. reach out and call some one out of the blue.
13. have lunch with a friend
14. .....

Now I need to pick some positive adjectives and write a positive and unique personal ad.
1. enthusiastic
2. driven
3. generous
4. inspiring
5. grounded
6. spiritual
7. hopeful
8. introspective
9. authentic
10. Truthful

Now write an ad.... Authentic and driven with inspiration grounded in spirituality with truthful introspective enthusiastic a hopeful generosity.

and the last task was to spend 15 minutes of Do Nothing time....I have the hardest time with this...coming from a background of Doer's....I will work on this harder this gosh it's only 15 minutes...and I won't be hearing my mom ask me what I was doing....should you be doing something?    Reality and truth...I love my mom but some things distractedly sunk in and how I interpreted and manifested it in my young mind to adulthood added some extra spice to the old thinking parts of my body and well that's why I keep working on things...Plus it always turns out good and progress is made along with facing a few fears that then turn into wisdom later.

Why would you share things on line like this...because others have shared their experiences before me and they have been wonderful guides on my path in this big journey called "Life."

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  1. That quiet time is MOST important....I know. You can drive yourself too hard.


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