Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paper Treasure's Class

 A couple of days have passed and now I post....Yesterday was a day for tending to errands and yard work.  I even hung my laundry out on the line...dried so quickly and my sheets smelled so great when I went to bed last night...simple things right?   As we progress with our Paper Treasures...we are looking at ways to present them or frame them up and we talked about all the things that hang out and how to arrange them. Nancy has her's in a nice vertical display.

 Joan is exploring the added embellishments which bring in the Cousin of Collage,"Assemblage" Love the monochromatic she's done there.

 Tony is exploring using her own drawings in the collage with such great expression. Working with a tall vertical format is a bit different, challenging and exciting all the same time.

Sandy's has a wonderful display of composition...The little collages we are creating are a wonderful personal exercise in composition.  Working with a few papers, and elements  I asked them to do something different with each square...arrange it differently. Now the work is flowing out on to the white tape we place so we can finish this assignment with clean edges. I can't wait to see how the look. Great Job Ladies...


  1. Great job indeed. So many ideas.....

  2. These collages are wonderful!


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