Sunday, June 21, 2015


 Heading up to see my dad in the hospital Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day all the way around. I knew I would be sitting and my personality has a hard time with I prepared some small journals to make...about an hour in I was done with the two of them.

 I just love the way this looks...these sculptures are awesome  Do you see the this symbol..~v~  I've always used this when I write an email...what it means is a spiritual freedom and peace to me wish on to you... My meaning of course.

Sharing the information about the sculptures.  As we stopped in before heading home to the International Crane Foundation...I love to come here and see these birds and hear their calls. 

 Drive home... what a green, green car to match all the green landscape we saw...with the rain in this area it's making it so full and rich.

Playing in my sketchboo, with some magazines and glue stick..note to self...bring baby wipes...figures get a little sticky.

Was a beautiful day...came home made a bowl of popcorn watch a movie...opened a few gifts from the family and was left with gratitude...that things will be alright with my it's the best way to believe...because, "God's got this one"   

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