Friday, May 29, 2015

Taking shape

 More is added and I'm listening to what wants to be shared and said about this piece.  For some reason it's a slow process but one I'm delighting in. I'm using papers that I've made now through out the last month or so for other art pieces...and of course slipped in the strips.

Had to take picture of my work surface on the tables I work on.  Layers of color start to build up and when it gets good an thick I replace it.  Needed to make some yellow and a wild purple just in case I need to repeat it in the totem piece some where.

My box of Glass came yesterday...16 x 20 had to have the husband heft it up to the studio...way to much for me to carry and all the frames I ordered.   Stuck on the square but I order three 14 x 14 to use for the piece I created in Wisconsin at Dillman's...a nice little series was formed.

I have to share yesterday I was over whelmed with a odd feeling of loneliness...I've not had this feeling in along time...I would have to say it was hormonal....A dip in some thing and an in balance of sorts in another now I've got a big old zit on my chin...That right there will make you want to hide.   Any ways what I experienced yesterday an answer...I felt like driving away again and well I got into my van and did just that...wasn't sure if walking in the woods was what I was to do but I brought water just in case.  Like I said the lonely and loneliness was too much....but I didn't know were to go with this is...when you start talking to people in my home about it they, have other things to time and well so I don't talk to them but go I get to the woods because I gave in and figured it's worked all the times before so why not.   as I started to walk....I knew that I did the right things as of ended up there in the woods....the feeling left as soon as I got going around the first bend. And then I heard these words so clear....You've not come this way to feel these feelings and you've not come this far to stop.  Don't let them be you guide.   After the walk I came home and got my butt up to the studio worked some more on the totem piece...then went to weed and cut the lawn and by the end of the day I was thankful I made through.

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