Sunday, May 31, 2015

Restocked supplies

 Glazing medium-I like the satin finish. I purchased the 32oz size this time since I seem to be using more of in the workshops.
 Golden's Polymer, which always comes in gloss which works the best for any image transfers and fusion I do with the tack iron. I went and purchased 3 gallons...
Put my order in for the white tape.  1" and 2" the best. 

 And a new order for tack irons...ready for the next workshop...

And my supply of white artist tissue papers was very low. Ready to go for a while now.

Our UPS Driver seemed to be making stop at our house every day there last week.  Still waiting for the tissue and tape to come in.

 I stumble upon a book that for art teachers of sorts might be something have.... Teaching Artist Handbook Volume 1 

It's a thing this family has...learning how to learn and the hungry appetite for it. There are ways and things I do as an artist that I would love to share with students and the art of being able to express this all the way through is a challenge.  Heck sometimes I don't totally understand it but by trying to figure out away it seem to fulfill this crazy natural tendency I have to share things.  I'm hoping to keep on learning and never to go stale. OK off to do just that today...much to do in the studio and preparing for classes.


  1. Wow! That must've set you back a few $$$$s! Golden supplies are SO expensive here in Australia......but I love'em.

  2. Yes Jo, this is part of the most expense of the collaging. but every art form has it's costs right? I'm hooked on the tack iron and Use it for all my works so along with it I need to use the right stuff to melt and fuse and that's Golden Polymer medium.


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