Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second Gallery Drop off Trip

 So as I come up this way to Door County I try to stop in to the Kohler Art Museum, Well they weren't open yet and I could wait around...had time schedule to be on ...but I did pull into the parking lot to park and looked up and see this awesome food truck.

Back and other side...I'll have to do some research on it. 

The Flying Pig...a bit sparse now but the Green space will be full soon like the inside with all the artwork.
This is a special beach in Sister Bay that has this rolled round rocks...this happens in the winter time when the winds come banging against the shore and actually rolls the rock like a bit tumbler, Kind of cool I think.
I came upon the shore and there was two other women their and their dog...we sat down and quiet played with the rocks...I asked them where they were from and Sturgeon Bay they said. We all went back to picking and stacking the rocks.

When I dropped off the Artwork at The Flying Pig I chatted with Susan and the concern about the Manufacture Milk Factories seem to be causing some friction...Any time we as human try to play a forced solution in nature we pay for it...and this is one of is and that's all it is now but has the locals concerned about is the Manure that is produced and what the want to do with it....Spray it in the Fields which then gets into the Air and carried into the lake and they think that is why the are seeing the mass amounts of Green Algae growing.  The beaches are not looking pretty in some places..or is it something that is happening to the lake after the ice is broke up for the season and now the turn over of it all ?  Good questions but if the locals are noticing different changes then something is not in balance up there...I guess there's about 15 Milk Factory you might as well say up here...As I drove by one I saw the cow looking out and all locked and just standing there...My heart...People please quick trying to think you feeding masses when all you doing is filling you pockets with a different green.
So despite the news and witnessing the green algae...I found a spot to stake rocks...I guess it really called leaving a Caran, but I like the whole process of picking and staking...made me question was I the first one?   as all I seen was raccoon or coyote tracks on the beach with some large heron prints and some seagulls.
As I walk away...

This is the same rock I stake on it seems each year. Last year Randy came with me and we had big Ice chunks to walk around and hard to find rocks.This year it's all gone but the water is higher so it was hard to find the rocks.  But the one rock that has the funny shape on the right was the rock I use last year, I was surprised that it was there.

Close up for reference later.

Back side of the Stacking Rocks....I'm really not sure how many more years I'll keep coming up here.  I thought about that on the way's been 5 years with the gallery and work has been selling little by little. Which is great with the way all things have been going but it is picking up. Mainly by the houses are now up for sale and new ones are being built...the economy is trying to get going again.

Well time to make breakfast and pack job is done and now to work my way to visiting with my Dad and Step Mom and then home tonight...lots of driving, though I have much to be grateful for almost embarrassed to say but with the new van, I'm gliding like butter down the road...not possible with out the Husband...On to slip in a bit of horseback riding...

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