Saturday, April 11, 2015

No Fear

In my artist way course I'm guiding we are on week 8 but we try to do a project each week some thing that be fit in to the 2 hours...and well collage is always a good quick fun and revealing project. As I went through my magazines I was drawn to the woman with the fiery arm pits, and the dress made of squares....I've not figure out the fiery arm pits but the square dress I know I liked because it's made of squares...I've got a shape thing for squares. Some day would like to have some great looking arms but that may take a more then I can handle, lol.  The word fear has always been around I think for us all as human's we have it, the sense of it or the on coming of it and most of the time it's first things we go to....Oh  No! ...kind of feeling. which I know for myself feeds negativity and there's a feeling of lost and mistrust that all seems to add to a domino effect on our emotions...

So this little task work was to create a collage about the past, present and future and your dreams...
I felt the word Fear has been a big one for me in all these category....all my life that flip flops and partners with Faith as so as I put the word No in front of the word Fear. 

You see I have these little collages around my studio space from time to time as a reminder of areas in my life I would like to work on. So this fiery arm pit woman will hang in my studio to ward off any Fear and negativity that want to entry. Only allowing the positive of Faith to live. Make Sense? Well it really doesn't have to you all but for me it makes big sense...then I read my horoscope and feel it is all right where I need to be because I was having a mother daughter talk this morning and sharing this same facts to my youngest daughter. 

The call is loud and I'm changing all plans after breakfast and going to do you annual clean up of the Dale Basin...much garbage in on the edge of the cattails. Need to get my rubber boots on and rubber gloves and well make a difference....and keeping it real, awesome and Whole....RAW. 

April 11, 2015
Positively Directing Change
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You could have intense reactions to things that are happening in either your home or professional life today which may make you feel excitable today. Maybe your feelings are due to the myriad changes that are going on around you and these interruptions to your routine might put you on edge. Reminding yourself that change is a natural part of life and that things will always fluctuate one way or another – to the positive or negative end of the spectrum – in any given moment could make it easier to let things go. Creating a personal affirmation such as “Things are okay” or “Change is normal” could calm your mind down enough to notice how you are reacting to a situation and perhaps even change your response to it. You may find that your reactions lessen in intensity and that you are able to approach things on a much more even keel today.

Recognizing that every moment our minds and moods come and go allows us to cope with our feelings much more easily. Because our reactions to a situation are often responses to the changes that are going on in our minds, it is to our best advantage to either let these thoughts go or to guide our thoughts to something that is much more positive and affirming, such as simple affirmations or mantras. By seeing that change is an inevitable part of life and that you have the power to control your reactions to such variability, you will cultivate a greater peace of mind today. 


  1. Where do you get your daily stars?

  2. try this...I like it the on details and seems to be the truest for me.


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