Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dropped off work in MI at Nido Bianco's

 I brought up the Women and Nature Series and one of the pieces that started off the whole sewing the collage papers together first then tacking them down...the Faceless people series. Behind my work is some of Cheryl Holz's on the wall.

 And here are three of the Women and Nature seires...the others are on in the photo above and behind my work hanging on the wall is Cindy Fields.

 A few more walls of Cheryl's works, I have to say the vibes of this place are great and the other artist works in here is of very high quality and I'm just so dang proud to be in there...This is a new venture for all of us as a dream come true with Heather Hanson the Gallery Owner and Director of Nido Bianco (Itailan for White Nest)  and all of us together.

A new person is going to be hired to run the scheduling of the classes and workshops...but I'm in for October 16th, 17th and 18th of this Year!!! more details will come. But the room is large enough for a class/workshop like mine.

 So as I'm driving home...yikes what is that big black smoke?   all the semi's move over and we all follow.
As we move by very slowly because only one policeman has made it on the scene....the back of this truck is just full flames...the man driving it is safe and off in the ditch way away from kind of scary...I could feel the heat from this as I drove by in my van.  Just glad all was safe...

So now road trip to Algoma WI and then a bit of horseback riding and visit with my Dad and Mom. 


  1. 'Congrats!
    Have a safe trip = )

  2. Sounds wonderful (except for the fire part)

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