Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Diving In....

So if you were asked these questions what would  your answers be?

Why do I make the art I do? 
I would have to say that from some place deep inside there's this seed that gets planted. Sometimes it sits and other times it starts to grow.  That seed though smaller in thought,  darn I say is bigger them me and it demands a response, that response is showing up and allowing all to come to the surface and be expressed. I'm to pay attention and obsession but more like answering a door.  The door that has been always in front of me since I was very young. Because I struggled academically, I do believe I was given other choices and that was to be creative in some way. Where I could grow personal and develop some skills. Now I'm getting sidetracked...why do I make the art I do? it challenges me, it helps me find peace, it helps me connect spiritual, and it allows me live a fuller life, which then is shared in some form or another.

Why should other care about my work?
There is connection that was made during the process of creating that I feel threads all the way through to the finished piece of art.  As my experience as an artist has grown I've become more intuitive and trusting.  This connection relates to what I feel happens when someone cares about your work. Be it an awe inspiring moment... " They get it, understand and start to have a relationship with it."

What should it matter? 
Because we are human beings and  have the ability to express ourselves and in the most loving and creative ways, with words or not, with sound and music or not and with images or not. Being able to share this matters at a deeper and larger level.  Documenting moments, thoughts and events that become part of our history. Our art is our helps us learn, take risk, understand what we feel, question what we don't and helps us make our own choices. And then there is the reward of accomplishment that never is given but is established through a process in each piece of artwork created.  It matters because it helps us each build a better self.

Can others recognize my work, my style? How is it Unique? 
I believe others recognize your work and style because you as the artist have put in many hours and dedication to honoring your abilities. Repeating a set style or process can become boring for some but for others it can be an all knowing of the materials you are working with. When you have that kind of understanding with your materials it forms a deep trust that embeds itself into each artist. I believe whatever I create has a personal essence to it,  be it a mark or thumbprint all in all it evolves into a unique quality of each artist that forms over time. 


  1. Lovely to have an insight into your thoughts on your art, and art in general. Thank you.

    1. Your welcome Jo...had one of the mornings where thoughts were clear...not many of those come around so I jump on them...LOL


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